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Showing you how to FLOOD Your Inbox With High-Quality Leads And Sales

Building a PROFITABLE business that supports a life you love living doesn’t have to be difficult…

It starts with learning how to EASILY attract and connect with the right customers and clients.

Have you ever dreamed of easily attracting, connecting and working with highly qualified customers and clients?

If you want to work with the kind of people who recognize and value your products and services, the unique skill-set and expertise you bring to the table, and the kind of customers and clients that make it really exciting for you to get up and go to work every day… I can help.

You know that you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be living your dreams NOW, without feeling like you’re “running a marathon on a hamster wheel” EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (how exhausting, right?)

You Need A Time-Tested PROVEN SYSTEM To Help You Easily and Predictably Attract & Convert More Business…

Hi, I'm Courtney Taylor-Ribeiro, founder of MWC Digital Agency.

It’s my mission to help you transform your business and finances by giving you the step-by-step system you need to get your business in front of the right people and make more money (without spending yourself out of business).

Over the course of my career, I’ve been recognized with awards for being Employee of the Month, Recruiter of the Month, National Recruiter of the Year, Largest Clientele award, Net-worker of the Year, Leadership Award For The Most Productive Team.

However, nothing has been as satisfying as seeing the incredible results my clients have created for themselves by learning and applying what I teach in my attraction marketing system.

The Firecracker Business Coaching Program Is What I Wish I Had When I Got Started!

It Is Results Driven – 100% Custom Tailored – One-On-One Business Coaching

What's Included
Understand the marketplace and your competition.

What are others within your specific niche doing?

What works for them and what doesn’t?

How are they currently marketing themselves?

What has been their profit margin?

How can you separate yourself from them and become your own brand?

Knowing what is already out there is important so you can see what already works, what doesn’t work and adjust accordingly!

Learn how to identify who your ideal customer will be.

Are you just casting a wide open net hoping to catch a few fish and then you get no one?

Knowing how to properly and clearly identify who your ideal customer is, as well as how to properly target your niche through effective communication that will help attract more of the right paying customers, is a CRITICAL skill!

There’s a huge difference between a $500 client and a $5,000 client and how you communicate with them needs to be different too!

You need to know how to clearly identify the characteristic traits of each of your clients. What are their goals, needs, desires and aspirations for wanting to achieve success?

You need to communicate to them how can you quickly help them get their problems solved by doing business with YOU!

When you help solve other peoples’ problems you get paid the big bucks. Helping them create a burning desire for your products and services through future-casting their results is your way of becoming the rock star!

Understanding how your brand personality and unique value proposition will leave your competition in the dust. 

It will tell your ideal clients exactly who you are, what you do, the level of quality you offer and how you can help them.

You and I will have a very indepth conversation about what’s important to you, why your business exists, what sets it apart from all of your competitors.

Understand how you will bring a product, service or idea to the market for consumers to buy what you have to sell.

What platforms you will use to showcase your services?

You can’t just put your product out into the world and expect it to sell itself. You must have a concrete plan on how you will market your product, service or idea.

What actionable steps will you take?

How much money you will spend on marketing?

What platforms you will use and how often will you use them.

Who will you have managing your material?

This is all really important information that needs to be considered and tested to ensure it will work effectively and efficiently.

Everything has gone digital and if you don’t, you and your business will fall behind.

You must keep up with the times. As technology changes, so does the way we do business. Social Media has become an essential tool for every business. Once a product, service or idea goes viral, its impact is HUGE. And, Social Media provides the largest and fastest growing reach of any marketing platform.

Not every social media platform is designed for your business. You must know which social media platform will serve you best, master it, and use it to attract more clients to your products and services.

Not being on social media will hurt you in the long run because your competitors will have a “top of mind” presence and platform where you don’t even exist.

Now that you clearly understand who you want to target and how you’re going to target them, it’s time to learn how to properly communicate with them.

You can have the right product, the right marketing and the ideal client, but if your message isn’t correct then you can have a major problem on your hands! And, after all of your hard work, that’s something to avoid at all costs!

One very important thing to understand is that if you are targeting different age groups, you have to be sensitive and tuned in to what is called Generational Marketing.

Generational Marketing is being able to pinpoint the age bracket you’re trying to get in front of at any given time. Being able to effectively communicate to a specific audience is essential so they can clearly understand your branding and targeted messaging.

If your communication isn’t clear and to the point, it won’t resonate with the people it is intended for. As the old saying goes, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression and capture their attention!

If a customer goes to one of your “sales” platforms how will you direct them to make the right purchasing decision based on what they are looking for?

Will there be additional steps for them to take before making a buying decision?

You must have a clear layout of what your sales process will be. If someone is going to follow you on social media, you must answer the following question: “What is the point of having a social media site and what do I want a potential client to do after they follow me on social media?”

Everything you do must lead to something that will produce a profit for your business.

If it’s not, then you’re just collecting a lot of names and making new friends. Having a lot of friends is fabulous. But, it’s not the most effective way to build a profitable business.

We need to ensure that everything we do in our business serves a purpose.

One-On-One Custom Tailored Coaching

100% customized-to-you, private one-on-one coaching specifically created for people who are looking to leave a corporate career to start their own business, or for business owners struggling to maintain a consistent client base.

As A Private Coaching Client You Receive

Personalized Plan For Your Specific Needs

Personalized Session Notes

Zoom Call Recording

24/7 Communication

Video Series and Resources

Schedule a free call with me so that we can get to know one another and figure out if working together is your next best move.