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What does it mean to you to go the Extra mile? Seriously think about it for a minute. So many of us have chosen the life of mediocrity. I’m ok right were I am. Is that really all there is to life is being average Joe? To me I want to go far beyond just being average. I don’t know about you.

98% of the population is out there with their hand out waiting for their next ticket. What do I mean by that? There waiting for someone else to give them there next ticket out. People today think the world or someone owes them something and that they don’t need to work hard in order to get it for themselves. Often times these are the individuals who think the whole world revolves around them.

Reality check your not the only one in the world my friend. My point here is that if you’re working inside an organization looking for your next promotion or your next raise in your pay it’s not going to come just from doing the same routine every day. You have to go above and beyond what you’re expected to do. The 98%ers are saying well I’m only going to do what’s in my job description because I don’t get paid for extras.

Listen, my friends.  It’s what you’re willing to do for free that will come back to you 10 fold. If you’re looking for a reward for every time you’re doing something out of your heart then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

The people who don’t get ahead in life or those who are wondering why they are where they are simply don’t follow these three principles I’m about to share with you. It’s simple and I suggest you start right now applying them to your life.

If you’re working inside an organization as an employee/ employee-penuer here are some tips for you:

– Find out what project your organization is working on. Find out what you can do in order to speed up the process and make it more efficient.  Those who can take the stress off the table for corporate wins. Watch how you will be rewarded in the end

If this means working extra hours, or taking home work then do it.

-Learn what motivates others. When you can be someone’s biggest cheerleader and support them with whatever they are doing it will help move projects along and get the job done faster. You cannot just expect to work by yourself and only care about your own tasks/assignments.

-Research new ways and methods that would be best for the company to peruse that will would be more cost effective as well as drive more business and reduce time.

The only thing that your employer is concerned about is cutting cost, driving in new leads, and making sure things are done on time. If you’re the one bringing solutions to the table with a more effective plan you’re the winner!

Steps if you are an entrepreneur

-Entrepreneur’s are ones who never stop learning so these simple steps should come easy to you. If you are in business for yourself I’m going tell you something that might put a little tickle in your belly. However, It’s key to having your business grow and add new clientele to your list.

Give something most valuable away for free

Why? Because this is how you build relationships with your potential customers. They don’t know you form a whole in the wall. The only way to build trust into them is allowing them to try what your most valuable product is for free.

-Invest into people because people are your product. Your product isn’t your idea, or what you sell. Your product is investing into people and finding out what they want. Build relationships. Get to know your ideal customer. The marketplace is already telling you what they want your job is to know how to find what they are asking for.

-Continue to develop new skills. Your income follows your personal growth. If you the one leading your company. You have to be willing to do more then what you ask of your ideal client. You cannot expect anything from anyone if you’re not willing to do it yourself.

Tips if you are career seeking

-If you want to look good to your potential employer you have to go above and beyond what you did at your last place of employment. What I mean by that is go learn some news skills that you can add to the marketplace. I said it before and I’ll say it again your income follows your personal growth. You cannot expect to make $5,000 or $10,000 more than your last place of employment if you’re going there with the same rusty old skills as before.  Learn something of added value.

-Know how to stand out from the competition. Everyone out there is using old school methods to look for employment. Know what is cutting edge. Job boards and Recruiters are a thing of the past that don’t get you the fast results you’re looking for.  In 2 years they will no longer be here with what is being predicted. Resumes will no longer exist.  Social Media is what works in today’s fast growing economy. The problem people don’t know how to use it properly to get in front of the hiring managers that twill get them where they need to go.

-Don’t become a virtual geek. Go out there meet new people who are in your industry. Shake hands and allow people to get to know who you are and what you’re about. Create a 30 second elevator speech. These disciples who you are and what you’ve done. I don’t mean waste time going to job fairs. What I mean is go to business networking meetings that pertain to your niche.

These simple tools will revolutionize your life if you’re willing to do the work and put them to practice. I look forward to seeing your results. Meet you at the TOP!



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