How Many Times Have you Failed?

I love the quote here by Michael Jordan. It’s not the number of times you miss, how many times you may have failed, or decided to take a risk.
What matters is that you CHOOSE to get back up and TRY, TRY, TRY again in order to achieve the level of results you’re looking to gain.
So I’m here to encourage you to keep trying even if you have fallen. Get back up and keep trying because someone out there in the world needs what you have. 
Your beautiful gifts, talents, and treasures that only YOU know how to bring to the marketplace.
Don’t ever give up because when you give up on yourself you are giving up on those that really need what you have to offer!
The greatest people who have succeeded and succeed well have all FAILED. Their BIGGEST key to their success was being able to fail and get back up.
Let’s take a look at the Einstein. How many times did he fail? Or what about J.K Rolling the author and producer of Harry Potter.
J.K Rolling was rejected over 20 times by editors who threw her material in the trash. It wasn’t until a secretary at a publishing firm pulled her book that she submitted out of the trash and begged the owner of the publishing firm to reconsider J.K. Rolling’s amazing talent.
I can guarantee you that everyone that rejected her unique and articulate way of writing is now kicking themselves in you know what!!!
She went on to become the highest paid author of all time. 
As the saying goes when you’re about to quit, give up and throw in the towel you are literally right around the corner of tapping into the biggest gold mind of your life. 
The question I have for you today is how many times you will you choose to continue to fail, ONLY so you can get back up and become someone worth following?
Need help executing your plan of action so you can overcome your fears, kick rejection to the curb once and for all, in order to become all that you are meant to be in this world.
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