10 tips on how to save more $$$

As we approach the scorching hot summer months, everyone is trying to find a way to budget their money and get more for what they spend. I have decided to put together a short list of 10 tips that you can implement today when going to the grocery store. We are literally a society of consumption and will buy anything out of impulse and convenience.  Use these tools to prepare you for wealth vs debt. There simple tools that we often times overlook or don’t think about, but are very helpful in knowing how to fatten your bank account!

I hope that you enjoy these tips and begin to implement them today.

Money saving tips for grocery shopping:

1. If you have a baby, make your own baby food.  Don't buy the expensive jar products.

2. Why do you need 20 cleaning supplies?   Vinegar and water cleans everything.

3. Don't buy the shredded cheese that's loaded with extra calories by the bar and grade it.

4. Don't buy the pre-cut veggies and fruit.  Buy the whole and cut them up yourself.

5. Pre-packaged food is filled with potentially harmful preservatives.  Buy the real thing and make it from scratch.

6. Stop buying brand name items.  It is a marketing tactic.

7. Buy the seasoning to make your own bottled salad dressing and don't buy the bottle.  You will get more if you make it from scratch.

 8. Use coupons, friends. There are many websites that have coupons and you can print/cut them out of the flyer.

9. Don't go to the big box stores. You can get the same quality food at the no name stores.

10. Only buy what is on sale. Organic is more expensive. Shop smart!!!

I am looking forward to seeing how these saving tips helped you and how much money you were able to add back into your bank account. Share your story with me and others on my Facebook page "Marketing With Courtney".

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