6 Hidden Resume Secrets HR Managers Won’t Tell You.

resume_001Hope that your having a superstar Monday. I can’t believe that this week marks the last week of summer as kids are getting ready to go back to school and this coming weekend is the last hur ra for fun activities come Labor Day weekend.
Today I want to discuss with you some key aspects as to what you must consider when drafting a resume as close to over 80% of companies are utilizing ATS tracking systems to scan in your resume prior to it reaching human hands. Did you hear that? Yes, 80% of companies are scanning your resume before it even gets into human hands.  So what does that mean for you?
What is ATS tracking system you might ask? It is the number one software program that is being used today by companies to scan in your resume for things such as formation, key words, grammar, descriptions, layout, etc… Without proper knowledge of this system, your resume will soon be sent to the trash.  
Companies typically get anywhere from 1,500-15,000+ resumes a week. As a result, they had to create something to sort through this large number; however, I don’t want you to be the one that gets eliminated in the first sorting. I’m going to give you some tips to avoid elimination.
Tips to help you to overcome the black hole when sending out your resume.
Tired of never getting a response after spending hours at the computer filling out applications and emailing your resume to hundreds of companies? These few tips might save you from falling into what they call the black hole.
Step number 1
You want to include a profile summary. This is the readers 10 second rule. Without a profile summary, the ATS system will realize you don’t have one and will send your resume to the trash. Why? Because the reader is looking for some key items in this section. They want to know in 3-5 sentences who you are, what you’ve done, and where you’re going. Make a dynamic statement so you stand above the rest of the applicants. 
Step number 2
Formation is key. Functional resumes are an ATS” NO – NO.”  Stick to a chronological resume including dates of all assignments. Be sure you add a title for each position you held as well as its location. Indentation is important. Certain things need to be bolded and italicized for the ATS system to read.
See example:
HERITAGE HOME HEALTH CARE, Sturbridge, MA                                                    2010 – Present
Heritage Home Health Care provides its clients with quality care in the comfort of their own home.
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Step number 3
You must create a section for core competencies. An employer wants to know what skills sets you hold. This includes software programs, computer programs, and personal strengths you can bring to any one organization.
Step number 4
Education is important. If you are a recent grad, your education should be at the top of the resume. If you are not a recent grad, your education should be the last thing on your resume.
Step number 5
References never go on a resume. They are to be on a separate piece of paper and to be included only if asked.
Step number 6
Keep your resume to 2 pages. If your resume is 1and ½ pages, you have two options. Either shorten it to 1 page or extend it to 2 full pages, but never 1 and ½ pages as the ATS tracking system will not read it.
Keep in mind that when posting your resume on social media platforms (i.e. linked in), it is highly important to use key words throughout your resume. Why? Because when hiring managers come to the site, or even Google, they are searching you by key words / or phrases. Without key words you will not be found.
One of the best ways to search for key words is to look at what words and phrases are being used throughout a job description.
Try not to stress too much about your resume, but be sure to have proper grammar, punctuation and spelling, as mechanics is a major area where people often look over, but something that is very important, if not corrected.
Hiring managers are looking for key things on your resume, and if you don’t have these items, you will just be one in the mix with everyone else.
 I truly hope that these quick tips will help you overcome your resume nightmare.
Now I’m curious…
If you have any insight or experience to share, I want to know about it in the comments below.
I look forward to hearing the experiences from folks who’ve already gotten hired!
Thank you, as always, for reading and sharing your genius!
I believe in you,

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