Get Rid of the Fear

Get Rid of the Fear
Ever evaluate how many of our decisions are made based on fear? It’s as if all of the “red tape” and politics have us beaten into submission. At times we’re afraid to stand up for what we know is right and ask for what we truly deserve due to fear of losing our jobs.
 We’re afraid to share information with lower level employees out of fear that they may learn everything we know and eventually replace us.  There are times when it seems as if we can’t be too creative, work too hard, or talk too loudly;  we might make someone look bad and lose our positions.
It’s as if we’re all robots on “The Conveyor Belt of Conformity” on our way to an eternity of average and ordinary.
This is all an illusion, our lives and careers were never meant to be this way. The sad truth is that the majority of working and middle-class individuals will never realize it, and never reach their true potential.  Chapter 73 of “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class,” World Class Leaders Are Willing to Get Fired Everyday focuses on this issue: “Amateur thinkers make lousy leaders because they operate out of a fear-based consciousness. 
Fear-based leaders succumb to politics and pressure which cripples their ability to lead…The most common commodity in corporate America is the sales manager who craves the approval and friendship of his sales team. This manager is more interested in making friends than developing champions. 
The second most common commodity is the sales manager who rules his/her team with an iron fist, refusing to consider feedback or input from the field. Both of these managers are performing out of fear, and both are a dime a dozen.
 The world-class leader is neither dictator nor baby sitter. Great sales leaders have only two objectives: drive sales and develop people. Sometimes that means being unpopular and pushing people beyond their comfort zones, and other times it means being there for a team member who has hit rock bottom. 
World class leaders are chameleons who are able to change and adapt to any situation, always with the same goal in mind: bringing out the best in the people they lead…Champion leaders are always walking the razor’s edge, and are willing to take any risk necessary to achieve their objectives, even to the point of being fired.”
The Action Step for this chapter was: “If you’re a leader, manager or coach, ask these critical thinking questions: 
  1. Am I leading, managing, or coaching out of love or fear?
  2. Am I more concerned about being liked or leading people?
  3. Do I have the courage to be a strong, progressive leader who brings out the best in people?”
While writing this article, I came across a video of a man named Richie Parker who works as an Engineer designing cars for NASCAR.  What is very unique about Richie is that he helped Hendrick Motorsports win multiple championships, but what people don’t know is that this man has no arms.
Take a look at this man’s video; it will shock you and remove all the fear that you may have had
This video truly inspired me and made me honestly reposition my thinking process to say there really isn’t much I can’t do or overcome. it’s all about how willing I am to take on a challenge.
You may have been struggling with the burden of fear, but after today I hope that you will learn to rise above it and let it go, just as Richie has. There is nothing in life that you can’t accomplish when you set your mind to it.
No one is perfect in this department. It’s a daily task that needs constant practice. So don’t get frustrated if fear doesn’t leave you immediately. It takes hard work and determination.
But the more we set aside our ego, shame, and judgement, and focus on honoring our ambition- the easier it will become.
Now I’m curious! Have you ever felt imprisoned by fear? What steps did you take to overcome this fear?
If you have any insights or experience, I’d love for you to share them with me. I want to know about it in the comments below.
This is so important in order to be able to live a life away from darkness of fear and into the brightness of laughter and rewards!
Hearing experience from other folks who have been there, done that, and made it to the other side really makes a huge positive difference.
Thank you as always for allowing me to share with you life’s beautiful lessons!
Wishing you the very best,

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