The Importance of Backing up Your LinkedIn Contacts

WARNING: Do NOT rely on LinkedIn to be your primary resource for backing up all your contacts.

Wake up call. Some of you do NOT have you LinkedIn contacts backed up and if your LinkedIn account gets hacked, shut down, or LinkedIn goes out of business you will be in some serious trouble.

You MUST always back up your information and not rely on social media as your way of conducting business. Social Media is just a tool, but all your contacts must be added to your email list so you can continue to stay in front of your audience daily.

This is by far the number 1 biggest mistake most business owners make. Don’t get allow yourself to get caught up in this trap. 

Click the video link below so you can learn how to back up ALL your LinkedIn contacts today!

It’s time to move your social media connections to your email list as that truly is the only thing you own. You do NOT own your social media platforms!


Be sure to share this video on your social media walls so we can prevent others from “Acting Like a Bitch” during the interview process. That will be one way to keep you unemployed perinatally.


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  1. I was trying to follow the steps you provided on backing up your data but my screen does not look the same as yours. Has LinkedIn already updated their website since you created this video?

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