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Beyond just the info & accountability: It's all about MOVING forward!
Listen as this young woman tells her success story from being on government assistance to working with the Stars. Why a coach is so important they help you get to where you want to be.
You can’t do it on your own. It requires accountability:

A few days ago I was contemplating what some are calling my 'overnight success'.  In just the first 10 days of 2012 I tripled my income and transformed my business from half-an-idea to a thriving success story. 
The difference between this year and last year? I made a commitment  to invest in a business mentor I believed in.
There are three key actions that this commitment to coaching led me to me to take that directly impacted my business before my mentor even spoke into my life!
First: I took TOTAL responsibility for the success or failure of my life and business.  By throwing my all into a coaching relationship and investing my attention and energy (ie. money!) into this, I wasn't about to let excuses or distractions get in the way.  Whatever this coaching relationship was going to bring about…whatever suggestions or open doors might show up I was ready to move forward.
Second: I knew that I wasn't going to have the success I needed by myself.  You've seen people who work with mentors only to argue with them and resist change.  Me? I didn't want to waste ANY time!  When I committed to coaching I was on every government assistance program known to man–medical assistance, food assistance, rental assistance–yep, Welfare.  Who was I to start arguing with millionaire entrepreneurs and successful business owners.  Listen well. Implement. Accept correction. I don't care how humbling or upsetting their advice might be!
Third: I knew that I wasn't my business.  In other words–my heart and my soul aren't tied to what I do every day.  Yes, I believe I've been called on a great mission to encourage others to live a better, bigger life! After years of addiction and abuse I have a powerful story of freedom to share.  The method I share that message, however, is up to much re imagination.  My goal is to be effective and to make a good living doing it! If my approach or theory about what niche or specific product or service I provide needed to be dumped on it's head… I was ready.
Bottom line: I was ready, willing and open. So when my business mentor suggested a complete change of direction–from recovery coaching to Executive Assistant services, not only did my success rocket to the sky but my heart was just fine!  My story hasn't diminished, it's strengthened.  Now I not only have a personal victory to share–happy marriage, safe and happy kids and freedom from fear–I also have business success to share!
My challenge
I challenge you to re-examine your suppositions about your business and goals in life.  As a the brilliant Mindset Maven constantly asks 'What do you WANT out of your life?'  It's not about what career you want or what family you want, exactly.  It is about the life you want to live.  When you know this, then correcting or editing your trajectory won't be upsetting it will be freeing! And you'll beg for more feedback!  Stay teachable and you're success will rocket for the skies too!
What is your excuse from living your dream?
Elise Adams, 'Executive Assistant to the Stars', credits her real-life struggle to climb out of poverty and into a life of abundance as the source of her stick-to-it-attitude. She juggles a blended family with her Bahamian husband of 3 years with 6 kids ranging in age from 17 all the way to 19 months all while building a successful, growing online business. Working with individuals, families and businesses across the US as a coach, assistant and professional organizer has given Elise a one-of-a-kind perspective on the life and family strategies that really work!  

Elise Adams 
Walla Walla WA

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