Interviewing like you’ve never heard it!

I put out the survey and I got the results back. You've asked for it so I'm
going to deliver it to you. Tues June 5th at 7pm EST I'm going to go over " How
to land an interview Nd Lock it in!"

You might be looking for employment or know someone who's been struggling to
find there next career, feeling tired, frustrated and hit a dead end road.
You've tried everything under the sun and your just not getting anywhere. You
feel your to old, have to much experience or not enough, you've been out of the
job market for to long and your interviewing skills are a bit rusty.

Todd a client of mine could so relate to where you are. He graduated high school
and worked for a company for 18 years and worked up to a 6 figure income. He was
let go and had no clue on how to begin his search for that next high level
position. He didn't have the educational degree, but he had the experience. He
struggled for 6 months with a bad resume and no skills. He cam across me online
and asked for help. Within 1 month after coaching with me he had 6 interviews
and all 6 companies wanted him. He now is working with one of the largest
distributors in the world for outdoor gass grills making 25% more than his last
position. He has more freedom of time and money.

If you want to get the results in which Todd has gotten our not going to want to
miss this 1hr jam packed call on June 5th.

You want to be on the live call because I'm going to be giving away one of the
biggest gifts I've ever given away. You must be on the live call and stay on
till the end to receive this and if your in interviewing mode your going to want
to grab your complimentary gift!
There will be a 1/2 Q&A session.

Call in number- 530-881-1300 pinn 442299

See you on the call,
Coach Courtney

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