Don’t Follow Industry Standards


Don't follow industry standards and trends
I'm sure that you've heard the buzz from others that if you are looking for employment at this time of year, you should just pack up your things and go on vacation for a bit until the new year rolls around.
My friends, I'm here to tell you that would be the worst decision you could make. Why?  I have been keeping a close eye on the marketplace, and I've seen a huge increase in job openings and hires over the last three years at this time!
According to the department of labor, 4.5 million people have gained new employment, leaving the unemployment rate at 7.3 for the average, much lower than it has been over the last few years.
Right now people are not aware of the number of companies that are hiring because not all of them are advertising. Just because a company isn't advertising that they may be hiring doesn't mean they don't need you.
As a matter of fact, it is much easier to get into a company that isn't hiring vs. one that is hiring because there is less completion.
Right now I strongly suggest continuing to get directly in front of the hiring managers on linked in, build a relationship, ask for an interview, lock down the interview, and prove that you are the number one person for the job!
For those of you who choose to sleep during these next crucial months, you will not have an advantage in January! The individuals who may not actually get the opportunity to interview right now will be the first ones to be called in January.
Those that wait will be pushed to the bottom off the pile. Yes, companies are interviewing right through the holiday season so they can bring you on board first thing come the new year.
Companies want to be ready to start the year strong. So don't let these next few weeks fly by without putting the icing on the cake. It's go big or go home!
I look forward to seeing your results.
As always, wishing you the very best!
Coach Courtney

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