Overachieving and Overreachin




"Sometimes when we don't feel good enough, we create imbalance by overachieving or needing to be the best at something!"-Anon

What do you think of when you hear the word overachiever? It's someone who is successful, but still feels the need to do more. People who are overachievers may be trying to compensate for their doubts and insecurities about their own self worth. They may chasing unresolved problems from their past into the present, or they might not be looking at their lives as a whole. We've all heard this word used before with respect to our lifestyle choices, it is worth examining in order to live a balanced and rewarding life.

If we're finding ourselves stressed out and not enjoying the pleasures of life, it may be a sign that we are doing more than is truly necessary.  Pushing ourselves beyond the point of exhaustion, or excluding important people in our lives, robs us of true and meaningful joy.

Sometimes we need to stop and look at our loved ones to regain touch with what we truly value in life. We can take time to write down the positive things that we see in others, and then turn the mirror to reflect on ourselves. It can be quite a revelation to see ourselves in a more neutering environment. One must learn to find a balance in life and not stress on perfectionism because no one is perfect!

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