How Companies are Similar to the NFL

How Companies are Similar to the NFL.

What is similar to a company’s organizational structure and the NFL you might ask?
They are both Strategic, they both Recruit, They both Plan Ahead, They both Attack, and they both know how to bring everyone together in a huddle to create the Best Winning Team!
If we take a look at the Employment Statistics over the last year, the increase in numbers will SHOCK you!
The unemployment rate declined significantly just in the month of November from 7.3% to 7.0%.
How have companies been able to recruit individuals so quickly and lower the unemployment rate? They have done this through the use of Social Media.
Linked In, just last week, reported that it has become the number one recruiting platform for the past 3 years. Their article outlined that if they had told us 10 years ago that they would become the number one recruiting portal, we would have laughed at them, not believing a word of it.
Let me tell you something my friends. If you somehow think that sending out 1,000 resumes via a job board is magically going to land you a career in this economy, you are sadly mistaken. Please let this email be a wakeup call to you. Hop on this train of learning new innovative skills to get ahead and not behind!
Today, technology is changing by the minute. If you don’t keep up with the ever-changing requirements of companies, you will be left behind.
So what must one do to be recognized on social media and Linked In?
It is not enough to simply have a profile these days. Linked In isn’t a magic genie.
People are not going to automatically find you just because you have a profile. First, you must know how to stand out from your competitors.
Linked In is a search engine. If you do a key word search on yourself in your key specific niche, and you do not find yourself to be on the first 3 pages, chances are, the hiring managers won’t find you either.
If they did, your inbox would be overflowing with emails daily.
You must know what the keywords are within your niche. Once you know what they are, you need to include them, throughout your profile.
Knowing how to do this can be tricky. As a result, I go into intense detail on this topic in my one- on-one coaching program.
Once you reach the top of the list when people key word search you, half the battle is won.
Secondly, it’s not all about simply having a prize winning profile. You can’t just sit back and pray that the hiring managers find you because your profile has been key word coded.
You need to remain proactive and know how to approach these managers. It’s a two way street.
Knowing how to go after them, to communicate with them and to ask for an interview is a science that one must perfect in order to get ahead in this crowded, competitive, and challenging marketplace!
If 98% of hiring managers are on a platform like social media, they’ve made it easy for you to assess them. So what enables you to stand out from the competition in order to get in front of them?
Your skill set.
It’s like when you were little; you probably fell off your bike a million times when you were learning to ride without training wheels. Once you learned how to ride your bike, you were off and running, never needing to rely on an extra set of wheels to sustain you.
The same thing applies here. Once you learn the skills from a professional, then you can be off and running.
The professionals, like the NFL, have coaches. Those coaches train and mentor people so that they can be recruited from the college level into the professional leagues!
Without the coaching and mentoring daily, they would not exercise their skills to get them to the NFL.
What was the last skill that you used (for which you were paid) that you really took the time to master? Have you gotten paid for enhancing or perfecting this skill? If not, why not?
Are you willing to invest in yourself today to become a better you and to become better in your profession?
I hope there is something can take from this message today and begin to apply to your life immediately!
As always, I’d like to hear from you   How have you been able to grow your skills in the marketplace and what have you done to advance them?
What steps do you take to perfect he skills you’ve honed so that you can continue to get paid for the efforts you bring to the table?
I look forward to seeing your comments below.
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With you all the way,

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