Following up is like having a root-canal



You’re on your favorite search engine, and you see that perfect high-paying position that seems tailor made just for you. You apply thinking, “I have to be one of the most qualified applicants” and you check your missed calls every 5 minutes thereafter. A week goes by and you still haven’t been contacted, you think about attempting to call the recruiter but you hesitate…


There are many reasons we fail to follow up on job applications. Some of us may have big egos, some of us may fear rejection, and others just may not want to pick up the phone. We all would like to wait and be contacted, however, realistically speaking this may never happen. Recruiters are often drowning in resumes, and although they would like to, they humanly can’t follow up with each candidate.


Going ahead and making the call is the only way we will know how to proceed. Although this will undoubtedly be an uncomfortable experience, there are a few things we can do to increase the likelihood of a positive response.


  1. Be considerate of the person’s priorities that you’re calling. Many times the individual screening new candidates is only wearing one of many hats. Filling that position is probably one of the many things he is juggling.


  1. Prepare what you are going to say ahead of time. Part of respecting the individual’s time that you are contacting is by not wasting it by. You must exude confidence and never sound desperate or needy. Once you reach the desired individual, let him know who you are, the position you applied for, and that you’re just calling to see if you’re still being considered.


  1. Smile. It can be heard in your voice. (they can hear a smile over the phone) tonality!


  1. Stand up or at least sit up straight while you’re speaking. You will automatically sound more confident on the phone.


  1. Make sure there’s no background noise on your end. Nothing is more unprofessional than dogs barking or babies crying in the background. Leave your house if you need to and call from a quite place.


  1. If they say you aren’t being considered. Thank them kindly and remind them of your qualifications in the event another position that is more suitable for you comes up. They will be more likely to remember your name, and people feel more comfortable hiring candidates they are acquainted with.


  1. Follow up again if you have to. If someone tells you the recruiter will call you back, but you hear nothing for a week, call again. The recruiter may have gotten ill or gone on vacation, be diligent!


  1. Always send a hand written thank you note- this shows that you thankful for the time they gave you and you are not prideful, egotistical, and thinking the job is rightfully granted to you!


Remember, the worst thing that can happen is being told “no”. When you are applying for jobs, always be sure your skills and experience appropriately match the position, and try to gain an inside referral if possible. Although nothing is guaranteed, having an open mind and trying new angles will make you more successful in the long run.


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