Tired of Getting the Silent Treatment?

Tired of getting the silent treatment?
Do you feel as if you have been spinning your wheels in all directions – praying, hoping, begging that just once, your inbox would be inundated with emails from companies wanting to interview you or that you?
Are you trying to figure out why the fifty companies to which you have just applied are not responding?
Let me help, my friend. Could it possibly be that it might not be the companies? Did you ever think that perhaps it might be you? Do you realize that these companies are receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of applications on a daily basis? 
Companies today use an ATS tracking system. What is an ATS tracking system?  It is a system used to scan your resume for every detail: key words, grammar, descriptions, layout, etc….this system scans your resume prior to ever getting into human hands. As a result, it is highly unlikely that your resume will automatically land in human hands to be read. I wish it were that simple.
How can you bypass the ATS tracking system and get a human response from a company?
Let me explain something to you, my friends. Seventy years ago resumes never existed and will soon be extinct. Yes, resumes will soon be a thing of the past, and you will see technology advance to where videos will take the place of the written word.
Currently, the best way to get into a company is to build relationships with key people (HR managers. This methodology was used 70 years ago, before resumes came into being/
The resume was never a leading factor in the hiring process. Job boards became the latest way to apply for a position. Well, if we look at their results, it will AMAZE you at how ineffective they actually are. Job boards only get 3% of the millions of people that apply on their site jobs. So why would we want to send a resume and an application if the results are so bleak?
We do not need to reinvent the wheel to improve our chances of getting hired. We need to build relationships with key people. So the question is this: how can you build relationships with key people in a company if you can’t get them to respond to your resume and application?
ANSWER: Simple!!!. Social Media. YOU must become a company’s biggest advocate and learn EVERTYTHING about the company. Reach out to them. Don’t wait for them to come to you because if you do, you’ve waited too long.
98% of hiring managers are on a social platform waiting for you.
Find them; find out what matters to them. You need to ask questions that get them to respond to you. Make them want to come back for more. Keep them engaged and interested at all times.
Relationship first, interview follows and your resume becomes the bi-product.
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I look forward to seeing your results.
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With you all the way,

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