Performance In the Marketplace

Performance in the Marketplace

Are you wondering why you still haven’t gotten the promotion you have been waiting for year after year?

Many years have gone by and you’re still in the same position, with the same job function, working with the same people, and given the same responsibilities. You never truly feel appreciated for your hard work and effort that you put into the company.

As many of you know I am a Christian believer, and I have a strong intimate relationship with God. At the end of 2013 toward the beginning of 2014, God began to show me that the reason why people are not succeeding in the marketplace is due to lack of professionalism.

Now I’m not saying that you’re not professional at all.

HEAR me out. We have our “Average Joes’” who go into work just to receive a paycheck. They are not interested in helping the company grow, nor are they aspiring to become a manager or vice president of the company. That would require too much responsibility and hard work for them.

Then we have our “Mediocre People” who do the bare minimum just to get by. They do just enough to impress their bosses enough to keep them from having to yell at them and be reminded as to what needs to be done.

Then we have our “Super Star Performers” who I like to call our employee-penuers. They are the people who think, act, and do whatever it takes to make themselves feel as if they are the owners of the company. They have the mentality of “What do I have to bring to the table in order to help take the stress of the owners back?”

“How can I improve the company and make it better?”

They are not the kind of people that need to be micromanaged.

If your boss has to come to you and ask you where you are on a project you’ve waited to long and you are now considered someone who needs to be micromanaged.
Instead, go to your boss and let him know where you stand on an assignment. That shows ownership and responsibility.

These people always have a great professional image. They spend thousands of dollars on leadership training and development seminars.

They don’t have a Know It All mentality, but rather a teachable spirit.

Always willing to learn and grow with every opportunity.

So why do I give you these examples? Because God isn’t playing.  This is the year of increase and a year for you to get your inheritance. However, in order for you to get your reward you need to step up and become the professional God has called you to be.

What can you do to have a better image in the marketplace? Does that mean a new hairdo, putting more time into your look and appearance?

Try dressing and looking the part of that 6-figure income earner you want to become.

Does it mean that you start setting goals for yourself every day? Refer back to yesterday’s article on goal setting
Will it mean taking leadership courses to become the professional you want to be so you can earn that salary you’ve always desired?

The key to success is that “Your income is followed by your personal growth”.

If your income hasn’t grown that is no fault, but your own. Ask yourself what was the last skill I’ve learned and when?

If you are not learning something daily then make a goal to do so. What is one new skill that you can learn daily and apply to your arsenal?

Successful income earners will always continue their education and will never be the ones to think they know it all. They will always invest in having a mentor.

If that is you I’d be more than happy to be that mentor for you.

So what will you do to enhance your performance and professionalism in the marketplace for 2014 so that you can reach your income goals?

It doesn’t happen over night, but if you start small, big things will begin to take shape.

One thing I’m doing for myself this year is spending more time on my professional look. Now that I’ve found a great tool that reduces the time to do my hair in the morning, I’m golden.

What is one simple thing you can take away from this article to help you gain maximum results for 2014?

I want to hear from you. As always I ask that you share this with others. Spread the wealth.

Comment below so I know how you benefitted from this information, as this is the year to really go all out. Not just for yourself, but for God

Wishing you the very best in 2014,
Coach Courtney

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