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LinkedIn Follow Button is Back!

The moment some of us have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The FOLLOW button is NOW back on LinkedIn and ready to be used.

That’s right LinkedIn heard our cry and added the follow button back to its platform. The FOLLOW button is a very powerful feature on LinkedIn that allows you to attract more of your ideal audience to you.

The Follow button allows you to get more likes, comments, and shares on you post so you can be looked at as the GO-TO expert within your industry.

In this video, I’m not only going to show you where you can now find the FOLLOW button on the NEW LinkedIn Platform, but I’m going to show you how to use this feature properly in order to get the BEST results.

Click on the video below to learn more, but before you do can you help me out?

(While you’re here please be sure to share this video with others as I’m sure your entire network could benefit from this feature. Let’s not be stingy. SHARE the good news!)

Also, Please be sure to comment below as I’d love to hear from you in regards to how you are benefiting from the NEW LinkedIn platform!

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