Can you relate to this?

I was reading an article in Entrepreneur Magazine while on the train home from NYC. I came across an article titled "Cool Rules" and thought I would share some of the content with you. I know that some of you wish you could ditch your job, break the rules, launch and distribute a new product, service or idea!  Some of you already fall into that bracket.

Not everyone has the self discipline to go into business for themselves. Some would rather have a boss and be told what assignments need to be completed daily. Others are tired of having a glass ceiling over their heads, tired of being controlled by their bosses and having limited income potential. Therefore, they step out of the employment arena and decide to branch out on their own. 

If you're at a company promoting a product service or idea, try leading with that product service or idea rather than building brand recognition with their clientele. You must first figure out what your client wants.  Often times I receive emails from people advertising all sorts of products and events, yet I don't even know who these people are. These types of sales people (according to the article) are called "crocodile salesmen: big mouth small ear". You need to balance listening and talking.

If you find yourself pitching products you don't believe in:

1)  Suppress the urge to weep at what you've become; a person who is pitching some idea he or she doesn't believe in.
2)  Try not to say "um" too many times.

Here's how to pitch an idea you truly believe in:

1)  What you want is to be cool!  The pitch should be thought of as the first of many conversations with a partner, not a battle to be won. You need to be authoritative but not come across as salesy. You want to let the prospect know here is the problem, here is the solution and here is how it helped Mr.Smith.

My friends, the more stories you can tell about how your product, service or idea was able to help someone else, the greater your odds will be. Why? Stories sell facts tell. If you can paint a picture in their minds that solves their problems, you've won all together.

These simple powerful tips can help you increase your sales, and no longer look like a spammer. It's time to go get the results you've been longing for.


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