Ever break a habit and find yourself missing it like a dear friend?

Ever find that once you finally break an addiction or bad habit, it's all you can think about? This is extremely frustrating for many and seems against nature for our minds to continuously draw us toward harm. The issue here is that humans are "creatures of habit" and are drawn to the familiar and comfortable. So it's safe to say many of our intrinsic desires are not always what's best for us, but what makes us feel comfortable.
Many addictions and habits are defense mechanisms or ways to avoid pain. Therefore, ending an addiction is always extremely difficult. Try keeping this in mind to prevent discouragement in your quest toward healthy habits, we are not perfect and will backslide at times. It's also good to remember that if we keep working at it, all of the things about ourselves we are trying to change will disappear and healthy behaviors will replace them. Our minds will transform and we will begin to naturally lean toward the positive and beneficial.
We can only achieve the results we want through difficulty, so we must maintain the confidence that we can do it.  Whatever the venture, we must diligently apply ourselves to achieve change.  As long as we stay the course, we'll figure things out.

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