Do You REALLY Love What You Are Doing?

So many people are stuck doing work that they absolutely HATE! A question that I hear all the time is, “What is my purpose in life? Is this ALL that I am ever going to be able to do?”

Are you tired of waking up and doing the same thing day in and day out, day after endless day? Are you asking yourself “Why in the heck AM I doing this? Is this all there is to life?” If you are, you are trying to figure out what you SHOULD BE doing in life. And you are sick and tired of SETTLING FOR LESS just because you have work, just because you have a JOB while so many other people don’t? You’re collecting a regular paycheck but you know you could be doing way better for yourself. If that sounds familiar, you are not going to want to miss what I have in store for you.

Good news!!! On Tuesday April 24th, I will help you figure out what you have been called to do. I am hosting a complimentary conference call starting at 7:00 pm on “Defining Your Purpose”.

We’ll be defining what your skills are and how to apply them in the marketplace.

You would be surprised how many people I talk to who don’t even know what their true skills are and what they are really good at. Way too many people have a vision and a goal, but we don’t know what we are truly supposed to be doing,  so we have no way of defining it, using it and activating it!  Sad but true, most people will die with their special song inside of them rather than out in the world where it is intended to be.  And I really don’t think that is what you or I really want! I believe in you and feel you should be living out what you have been called to do. Let’s work together to have you utilize what you have been called to do.

Some of you have been waiting for this for a long time. Now is your opportunity to learn more skills that you can apply immediately. Be sure to call into this number on Tuesday April 24th at 7pm

559-726-1000 pin 747718#

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