Nationwide Prayer Call


Prayer Call
Warning:   This message isn’t for everyone. If you read it and don’t agree, please pass it along to someone who might enjoy it or just simply ignore it, but I would ask that perhaps you may be open to something new. I would appreciate it from one woman’s heart to yours as these words come from a much deeper place.
This nation has been under attack more this year than we have ever seen before in history. Now is the time we must come together as an army and pray for our country and for one another. So many people’s lives were lost last week due to natural disasters that were not predictable. Saturday May 18th at 11am EST I will be doing a prayer call for anyone to come in and join me as I will be praying for not only our nation, but anyone who might be going through a hard time, dealing with sickness, needing to find a job, whatever your challenge or struggle in life is, I want the opportunity to be able to pray for you. The power of prayer is so powerful, my friends. As long as you have faith the size of a mustard seed, that faith can move mountains. I don’t know where your faith is, and you may be thinking, Courtney, I’ve prayed before and it didn’t do anything for me. I can totally understand how you feel. I really do, I was there once too. I used to spend nights praying and asking God, why? It wasn’t until I realized that prayer doesn’t always get answered in our time, but in HIS time.  I have had the opportunity to pray over the hurt, the lost and the broken hearted. I’ve seen marriages restored and renewed; I’ve seen people’s lives transformed right before my very eyes, and I’ve seen people healed from diseases. I prayed over a couple in church whose relationship was on the rocks. He didn’t know the Lord and she did. Do you know that because he had great talent to play music and our young adults worship team needed someone to play the guitar and keyboard that this man got to know the Lord? Through playing on the worship team, their relationship has been renewed and restored because he now has the best relationship he can have and that is with Jesus.  I’m stepping out in the marketplace today to let you know where my faith and my trust is, and that faith is in Jesus Christ. I would not have been able to get to where I am today if it weren’t for Him. I have everything I have because of Him. You may not be on the same path as I am or even agree, and that is ok. This message isn’t to change or convince you of your beliefs; this message is to simply show that prayer works and that you might be in a place in your life where you have nowhere else to turn. You’ve tried everything and you’ve hit rock bottom. I’m just simply asking that you at least try and join me this Saturday at 11am EST and see what prayer can do for you. What have you got to lose?
I look forward to having you on this call with me where we can come together as a team and pray for this great nation , our families and people everywheres.
Login details for the call 559-726-1000 pin 747718#
In great faith,
Coach Courtney

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