What does Love Got to do with it?

We have just finished the first month of the year. One of the things I did recently was book a BIG trip for this May where I will be setting sail with an amazing group of business leaders to the wonderful land of Cozumel, Mexico.

I don’t know about you, but I sure do love to travel, as well as learn from some of the best in the industry.

When you are in business, and you bring a group of people under one umbrella,  it is extremely important that you communicate the vision clearly.

If there is one person that I’ve gained a great deal of respect for this year, it is Ilean Harris. Partnering with her has helped me grow tremendously in many ways.

As we move into the Love month, I want to emphasize one thing, and that one thing is communication.

What does Ilean bring to the table?  She brings a high level of world class knowledge and teaches others how to create a business they truly love through digital courses, but that isn’t the unique gift that she adds to the world.

Her unique gift is that she brings love to everyone she meets. Her level of communication is like no other.  Yes, I’ve hired lots of coaches in my lifetime like Dani Johnson and several others. However, when meeting Ilean the one thing I could sense about her was her passion and heart for people. I knew that this person was genuine.

Through working with her, I have found the she goes above and beyond to prove that she cares.

So, my question to you, friend, is when you talk to others, what is coming across? Do others hear your true passion; do they hear you speaking from your heart?

Today I’ve put together a video for you that will allow you to check as to whether or not you are communicating with love and passion; that you are speaking from the heart.

Looking forward to seeing your comments below.

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With you all the way,


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  1. Great message Courtney!! Such a pleasure to work with such an awesome Lady Boss like you!
    Keep serving, keep going, keep helping your clients crush it!

  2. this is so true i live in africa but i am from the uk, so from the land of plenty to the land of zero, but these people are so very positive about caring for each other, and are unselfish it shames you. if you really get to now them.
    if you have a roof and food be happy you dont need the rest of the trimmings that go with life.
    i have learned to put others first and i have such good friends because of this.
    so all out there listen and learn its the truth.

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