Summer is almost here



Are you confused as to how your child will continue to blossom this summer?
Don’t let the summer go by without continuing to groom your child for success. Introducing Courtney’s summer readiness program that allows a child’s inner unique abilities to come alive through fun interactive learning techniques and strategies that comprehends the importance of education!
Courtney makes learning fun, but also sets the boundaries for respect and discipline. Teaching the child that it is important to respect those around you and that education is important to their growth so they need to take it seriously.
In this summer training program Courtney’s goal is to be able to bring forth the tools that a child needs in order to remain grounded and not loose site of the core fundamentals they will need going into the next grade level. I will be incorporating Math, English, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Writing. Each course will be customized to each child’s age and ability to understand the materials given.
It is in the best interest of the child to move at his/her own pace and not rush the child to learn something he/she is not comfortable with. Courtney uses specific unique strategies that help a child overcome whatever challenges he/she may be facing when it comes to learning new material that may seem unfamiliar at first.
Let’s come together as a community to enhance learning and make the minds of our youth stronger than ever so we can have a brighter tomorrow. They are our further generation. So why not start today!
Meeting place:
(Local within CT area)Child is to be dropped off at the local library and to be picked up at end of season. The reason being is because when doing it at home the child is distracted by way to many things. Therefore, the library is a quiet setting where there is less distractions.
(out of state) Online through skype. Child would be in front of the computer during time scheduled.
Season pricing:
All books will be included unless otherwise instructed by parents. Courtney works from Kumon workbooks mainly as well as others. Price of books and materials are included in the pricing. All prices are for all age and grade level. All payments must be paid in advance to reserve spot and in full. Cash or check accepted.

1 week = 5 days -2 hrs per day M-F Total $250            
2 weeks = 5 days-2hrs per day M-F Total $475
3 weeks= 5 days-2hrs per day M-F total $725
4 weeks= 5 days-2hrs per day M-F total $950

Call now to reserve your season. Space is limited.
Courtney Taylor
203-217-7323 Please leave a detailed message if you get the voice-mail. Courtney will return calls within 48 hours.

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