How To Handle Your Emotions When The Economy Is A Put Down!

Today's economy has been a hindrance for many people with high
unemployment, loosing businesses, and not to mention all the financial
burdens. How can you keep it all together when your world is literally
crumbling around you? How can you keep a smile on your face and a
positive attitude when you've lost all hope?

Tuesday July 31st at 7pm EST I will go over how to transform your
thinking. You will learn to go from negative to positive, to get out
of the rut and back on your feet, and regain what you have lost.

This is going to be a content rich call that you do not want to miss.
We've all fallen short of being where we'd like, but it's knowing how
to pick our heads back up and continue on our journeys that matters.

Let's build a community together were we can help one another get to
where we want to be in life.

I look forward to hearing your wonderful voice and getting to know
who you are. Come join me Tuesday night 7pm EST. The call in number
is 530-881-1300 and the pin is 442299.

I will be giving away a complimentary offer to one caller. I haven't
done this in a while and want to bring it back. You must be live on
the call and stay from beginning to end to qualify.

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