What is Success?

What is Success?

I don’t know about you, but I have a burning desire in my belly to become successful. One thing that I have learned from my uncle who is a self made millionaire is to find successful people and do what they do. I have been following successful people for the last 10 years.  When it came time for me to pick a major in college I sat down with my uncle and asked him what I should go to school for. He told me go for business. So I did. What I found is that not one of my professors ever owned a business. How in the world can you be teaching a class on business and marketing if you never had a business that was successful and producing profits? I don’t get that. If you can please explain that to me I’d love to hear from you. So when I got out of college I began this journey of study successful people and finding out what they do. Here are just a few things I’ve learned and you might want to take note on these simple things that can really change not only your mindset, but your way of life as well

1.      Setting Goals. Most of us set goals but they are not concrete and no one has a map on how to accomplish them.

2.      Staying focused but turning aside to help someone in need. ( this is law of reaping and sowing) What you put out will come back to you my friend.

3.      Following a Plan but remaining flexible. Your plans are going to change as you accomplish more goals and learn more skills. Remember the marketplace pays for value and value is skill.  I invest in myself and my knowledge. The ROI (return on investment is 10 fold) NOONE Can take away improving in yourself. Learn something new every day and implement it!

4.      Moving ahead. Get over your crap. The past is gone. Stop dwelling on what happened. Learn from your mistakes, pick your head up and move on!

5.      Taking a Bow and celebrate the accomplishments no matter how big or how small. Complement and applauding those who had a part in your Success. Don’t be greedy and want it all for yourself if you’re working in a team of people or have a coach helping you get to your ultimate destination

Enjoy the journey along the way to SUCCESS. Don’t ever forget were you started from.  I look forward to hearing your success stories. If you one who is struggling to get started contact me I’d love to help you with the first stepping stone. Don’t wait for the New Year to come friends. Start now. All successful people start now they don’t wait for a tomorrow!


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