Dear God, I need a job- The Struggle to Find Employment!

Dear God, I Need a Job: The Struggle to Find Employment
















Many of our financial situations are becoming increasingly desperate…


It typically starts out with the loss of a job, and the inability to find a new one. We begin using our savings to get by thinking, “I’ll just put the money back once I start working which should be soon”. However, “soon” doesn’t turn out to be “soon enough” and before we know it we are exhausting our retirement funds. Many of us begin receiving government benefits like food stamps, and find ourselves paying utility bills on multiple credit cards. It ultimately comes to the point that we exhaust all of our very limited resources and wonder, “What next?”


This nightmare is even reality for those of us with bachelor’s and master’s degrees who have held numerous high profile jobs in the recent past. Some of us apply for 10 to 20 jobs per day for which we are perfectly qualified and do not get hired. Sallie Mae and the U.S. Department of Education have no sympathy for us as extended unemployment never leads to loan forgiveness, and forbearance options are unbelievably limited.


Although we hate to admit it, the reasons some of us may be unable to gain employment is due to our own poor judgment and bad behavior in the past. We may have criminal records, we may have failed drug tests, we may have left companies on bad terms, and we may have been involved in questionable lifestyles or activities that can be easily discovered online. No matter how much we lie and omit information on applications and during interviews, employers never fail to discover our dirty little secrets. And they seemingly ALWAYS hold them against us regardless of how far they are from who we are today.


You may be thinking, “If I was up-front about the situation then I wouldn’t be considered at all. At least by lying or omitting, I still have the chance of someone never finding out”. Although this belief seems to make sense, it is completely wrong. You have a greater chance of getting a job by being honest about all of the things you’re ashamed of, because nobody wants to hire a liar. Besides, your ability to be honest shows greater maturity allowing the employer to entertain the idea that you may have changed especially if the event took place in the distant past.


We often hear people compare job searches to dating, as there are in fact many parallels. When beginning a new relationship, the worst thing we can do is be dishonest to get our potential partners to like us more as with time they will inevitably discover who we really are. Lying to potential partners always causes problems in relationships, and things usually crash and burn from that point forward.


Like a prospective boy or girlfriend, your potential employer will respect and appreciate you more if you are 100% honest. Perhaps the hiring manager can relate to your colorful past in some way and decide to give you a chance. Nobody is perfect, and believe it or not, nobody expects you to be perfect. So remember that human beings are the driving forces behind all company names, and many of these human beings have overcome challenges just like yours.


What challenges are you facing that may be preventing you from finding a job? How have you been dealing with these issues, and how do you plan to change your approach?


I’d love to hear your responses, please leave a comment below so we can bounce ideas off of each other and get your career back on track!




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