How do you Manage to Spend Time with those you Love?

In today’s fast paced society with everyone “ON THE FLY,” we tend to forget to spend time with those we love.

We rarely spend time together as a family because of having to work hard to produce what is considered to be the best lifestyle for our children.

I tend to think that the most valuable thing that we can give our loved ones is our time; yet, we spend so much time doing things that truly don’t matter in life.

We sacrifice our time, our health, our energy and so much more for working endless number of hours at a job that

We may not even like to try to keep up with the Jones; yet, we are more stressed out than ever wondering when we are going to ” have it all.”

I look back at earlier times, going back to the great depression, when people literately had nothing; yet, people seemed happier.   “Why?” you ask. Because they understood one thing. Family values. They understood what it meant to work hard, but not have to keep up with the Jones, because their happiness did not depend upon material things.

No-one judged each other the way we do today.

What can we do that will make our lives simpler so that we can truly enjoy what matters in life?

This week I’ve put together a video on Family Lifestyle values.



I’d love to know how your family spends time together and what you value most in life.

How do you manage work and family?

Place your comments below and remember to share this with others, share the VALUES that shaped this great country.


Looking forward to hear from you.

Wishing you the very best,



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