Why going back to school to get another degree is not the answer!

Why going back to school to get another degree is not the answer.

By: Courtney Taylor


Are you frustrated thinking the only way out of unemployment is another degree?


Can you relate to this? You're unemployed, sick and tired of filling out applications just to hear that you’re not qualified for the position. You go on so many interviews and never hear back from hiring managers. You’re wondering "what the heck did I do wrong this time?" You are stressed out and feeling like your situation is sucking the life out of you. Some days you just gasp for air praying that the situation would just resolve itself.


You then get the idea to maybe go back to school and get another degree. You figure it will help you land the job you’ve been longing for.


My friends, so many individuals are going back to school thinking that another degree is going to solve their problems. 


Another degree is not the answer! Why? You can read the stats for yourself:


             -The average college student pays $25,000 per year

       -Private schools are $27,293 a 29% increase (not including college text books)

       – Dec 2007-2008 8.363 million jobs were lost 61%

       -2010 $4.6 trillion was spent on bail outs

       -1.4 million 9% recovered $4 million spent for each job

       – U.S. banking/ Federal Reserve’s easy lending bubble for college is at $106 billion exceeding             credit card debt.

        -By the end of 2020 20% of colleges will closed.


If this hasn’t painted a picture for you already then maybe this will.


       -57.9% of college students w/o jobs

       – 42.1% of high school grads w/o a college degree with jobs

       -$117,000 on average for a student to go to a school for 4 years to earn $1million in their lifetime

       – 6 year school is $186,346 6% interest rate is $61,914

         A grand total of $248,263


Lost income during the time you were in school.

A high school graduate makes $35,400 each year for 6 years.

That is $212,400 (lost due to going to college)

$186,363 (6 year tuition)

$61,914 (interest)

$212,400 (lost income)

Totaling $460,623


Just to earn $1million over the course of a lifetime.


You don't need another college degree, but skills on finding employment in times like these. College sure isn't going to get you there, but learning some simple key skills will.


Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying a college education is bad, but another degree is, take a look at the stats. You’re better off learning some life and business skills for only a fraction of the cost. These skills will help you get further in life, and make you more valuable to the marketplace.


How do you learn these skills? For one you can go over to www.marketingwithcourtney.com and start reading and listening to the testimonies of my clients. Second start reading some of the books that I recommend in my ebook. How do you get my eBook? Simple, go to my website listed above, click on the newsletter tab, type your name in the box along with your email. You will be signed up for my newsletters that are sent out weekly, along with my eBook. Read those materials and you will be on your way to seeing results if you apply them. But better yet, invest into your future by having a one on one season with me.


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Your future is in your hands.


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