You have What it takes to Succeed!


How do you define Success?? Most people think success means winning an award, or having a TON
of money or a having an important title in front of your name.
 I happen to define success in a completely different way. Success to me means serving my clients in a BIG way so they can live out their dreams.
When I hear my clients have overcome their challenges and have worked through their previous difficulties, it lights my heart lights up with JOY!
Three months ago my life completely changed when I was asked to join a company that would allow me to continue to serve my clients in a BIG way.
I was searching for a way to diversify my platform, and when this opportunity came my way, I couldn’t pass it up.
Three months later after putting in my hard work, energy, knowledge and talent, the company is sending me to the Dominican to meet the owner of the company, who is a Harvard Billionaire Economist.
When I was told I had the opportunity to go, I was SHOCKED.
When you truly put others’ needs first, you will be blessed beyond your wildest imagination.
It get’s even better than that. Drum Roll Please……
Last week I had the opportunity to serve an individual in such a BIG way and help her overcome some challenges. As a result, my client was willing to pay me far beyond my normal going price. Why? Because she saw that I was truly there to serve her and help her in any way that I could.
After serving her and many other clients like her, I now have freedom to take a long awaited vacation with my fiance.  We are going on an Arizona adventure to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. This was a vacation that was on my dream board for this year.
When you really put yourself out there in a BIG way to serve people, there isn’t anything that you truly CAN”T accomplish.
When I look back at the things I wanted to accomplish for this year, I have been able to check off everything on that list.
The question I have for you is this, ” What dreams are you looking to have come to fruition, and in what way can you serve others is a bigger and better way?
Serving others is one of my biggest keys to success.
I hope this helps you to be able to overcome challenges and reach your fullest potential.
All the best,

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