10 things you must not forget to do during the Christmas Holiday

Tuesday Dec 11th at 8:30P.M. EST. I will be discussing the top 10 things you must not forget to do during the Christmas Holiday!<br> Yes that is right. 10 things that will cover a variety of topics ranging from -How to get the best deals, How to land a career before 2012 is over, How to build relationships and so much more. This time of year so many people put off trying to get in front of the hiring managers, ask for an interview and try <div>to land the job. Why? Because they want to enjoy the spirit of the Christmas holiday. They often overspend on holiday gifts, pay with plastic, and go into debt even though they are out of work. They lose focus on what they should be doing and continue doing what they shouldn’t be doing. This week I’m going to go over how you can have it all without having to sacrifice your health, your wallet and your time. Now is the best time of year to kick it up a notch. Don’t quit and wait till 2013 to begin. We still have 4 weeks left and there is a lot that can get done within this period of time. So if you want to get some amazing results before 2012 ends, then hop on this call where I will dish it all out—-how to increase your income, spend less for Christmas, give more, stay healthy and, most importantly, remember those who are less fortunate. Give from the heart and have a blessed holiday season. I look forward to having you on the call. > 530-881-1300 (the pin is 442299)

I'm putting out a challenge to you all. The person who can bring 3 new people  on to tomorrow nights to call will receive a 1/2 hour coaching session with me complimentary on any topic of your choice before the end of this year. I know you know at least 3 people if not more. If you can get 5 people or more to the call you get me for 1 hour complimentary. Who will dominate this call tomorrow night. You have to introduce me to all the people you bring on the call and they must stay on from beginning to end in order for you to win. Who is up for the challenge?  Its simple all you need to do is forward over this message to your friends and let them know that you are in the running for a big prize. Tell them it could be there Christmas gift to you. If you haven't had the opportunity to coach with me here is your chance. How bad do you want to  win. All participants Welcome. You have more than 24 hours. What will you do with that time? Ready Set go send the email NOW for
Good luck,
Coach Courtney

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