Just Start

You don’t need to be perfect to get started you just need to start somewhere.

So many business owners wait until all the stars are aligned in order to start marketing vs starting with what they currently have in front of them.

The misconception a lot of business owners have is they need to have a perfect looking website, a free offer, thousands of people on their email list, and a BIG marketing campaign.

If you are waiting for everything to be perfectly aligned in your business one it will NEVER happen because nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect and secondly, you are leaving a TON of money on the table for your competition to grab!

How would an extra $1,000 to $100,000 a month do for you and your business?

What most business owners don’t realize is that they have free tools and resources they could be tapping into right now in order to get directly in front of their ideal clients, offer them something of value, and in return earn a decent salary!

When I first got started in business 7 years ago all I had was the Internet and my LinkedIn profile. I dint have a fancy website, tons of followers, a free offer, or a big marketing campaign yet my business was able to gain international status within the first 6 months of conception.

LinkedIn acts like a mini website allowing me to put my skills, knowledge and talent front and center by creating a dynamic stand out brand that relates to my ideal customer’s needs. Better than just adding my brand LinkedIn allowed me to not only connect with my ideal customer, it allowed me to engage with them in order to find out what their biggest challenge.

Once I was able to find my ideal clients biggest challenge then and only then was I able to serve them and present to them with a proper solution.

So you might be asking yourself well, what can I do to get started today so I can reach my ideal clients, being serving them and start making a TON money.

First, you need to find where your ideal client is hanging out. Ex LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc….  All of which are free social media platforms where you can engage with your ideal customer.

Next, start asking questions that will allow you to understand your ideal clients biggest pain point.

Ex: If you’re a health coach you can ask what has been your biggest health challenge when it comes to being able to consume more water, exercise, or eat healthier.

Once you find out what your ideal clients challenges are then you can begin to create a brand that will resonate with your ideal client’s needs. When you speak your ideal clients’ needs then and only then will you be able to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Do one thing today that will allow you to attract your ideal clients, schedule more appointments, and earn more money. Don’t wait until everything is perfectly aligned as you are leaving behind a TON of money.

Get started now and go impact the world in a BIG way

Having trouble getting started? Schedule a FREE 30 min consultation to speak with me today so I can help you create a plan of ACTION.


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