Why having a LinkedIn Public Profile is so Important!


TIP of the Day: Make your LinkedIn Profile Public!

If you are an introvert then this may be a hard concept to be able to wrap your head around and that’s ok, but understand one thing the harder you make it for your ideal clients to find you the chances are they are going to RUN FAST to your competitor. That means you are leaving a ton of GREEN CASH on the table.

In order to STOP that from happening you MUST make your LinkedIn Profile public. Forget about your feelings. The real reason you are in business is to attract more clients, make more money, increase your sales, and help impact more lives around the world.

How the HE (double hockey sticks) are you going to be able to do all that if no one knows who are because you’ve decided hide who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer.

It’s time to come out of hiding and showcase your talents to the world.

There is only one of you and the world needs to know exactly what you have to offer.

It’s time to take the leap and make your LinkedIn profile public.

Trust me you’ll thank me in the end.

In this video, I show you how to adjust your LinkedIn settings. Go ahead and click the picture below to access the powerful information that will revolutionize the way you conduct business online.

FYI I’ve added an extra tip in this video, but you’re going to have to click the picture below to find out more.

Now is your opportunity to share your thoughts, options, comments, and concerns in the comments section below.  I want to hear from you. What are you doing to attract your ideal clients to YOU?

Hey before you go don’t forget to share this information with others. (Let’s help other’s understand LinkedIn’s new changes)

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