Meetup The Unspoken Platform


Most individuals think that Meetup is a social media platform designed to find networking groups in order to exchange business cards however, Meetup gives you so much more opportunity to connecting with your ideal clients than JUST being able to attend another networking meeting.

I feel that Meetup is a platform that I like to call “The Unspoken Platform” where your potential clients are waiting for you. This amazing platform is beyond underused, not talked about enough, and one that very few people are using in order to dominate their industry.

Just because Meetup may not fall within the TOP 3 major social media platforms doesn’t mean that this platform can’t help you achieve massive results in your business. In fact, Gary  Vaynerchuk always says “The best way to stand out is to go to the places no-one has ever gone before and become the very first person to STAND OUT in a BIG way by adding valuable content.”

See when Youtube first came out and before it became a HOT commodity Gary Vaynerchuck learned how to dominate Youtube in order to take his mom and dad’s wine business to a multi-million dollar corporation.

The same thing can happen for you when you learn to properly use Social Media in order to engage with your ideal customers. You will begin to create raving fans who will continue to like, comment, share, and buy from you because you are truly the ONLY one that has the unique talents that ONLY you are able to bring to the marketplace!

If I never took the opportunity to dive into Meetup and using this platform to connect with individuals all over the world I would have never had the opportunity to be hired by Harvard Billionaire Economist to go train his sales team or better yet be hired by Jordan Belfort (AKA The Wolf of Wall Street’s) Social Media team to help them grow their brand on more of a global scale.

In the video below I explain how you can use Meetup in order to diversify your Social Media presence and attract more of your ideal clients, close more sales, and help impact more lives around the world!

Now is your opportunity to share your thoughts, options, comments, and concerns in the comments section below.  I want to hear from you. What are you doing to attract your ideal clients to YOU?

What is the number 1  Social Media Platform you are currently using the MOST to Attract more of your Ideal Clients to YOU?

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